Info Sites

Mark's Five in a row games

A great windows computer opponent, tutorial for beginners, tournament info and lots of good links!

Wikipedia entry for Pente

Gotta love Wikipedia

Pente tournaments area, hoping to get live tourneys going!

BoardGameGeek - Pente

Some info, pictures, sites about Pente

PenteWorld - Scott's guide to Pente®

Has some great pente puzzles!

The Renju International Federation

This has some info about pente.

A page about Pente

Another good Pente site with various info.

Solution to Gomoku

The mathematical proof to Gomoku.

Renju/Gomoku/Pente links at

Online Places to Play

Though why you'd want to play anywhere else is beyond me. - Turn-based

Popular site.

BrainKing - Turn-based

Pretty good Pente playing site. - Poland Real-time games

Haven't played there much but they have live tournaments which is cool. - Turn-based

More popular for Pente a few years ago, but a decent site.

Richard's PBeM Server

Play by email site, lots of games.

If you know of any other pente links please let me know.