Frequently Asked Questions - Game Rules

  1. Is it possible to play Pente or Keryo-Pente without the tournament rule?
    Yes, uncheck the Rated checkbox and then you can play Pente or Keryo-Pente without the tournament rule.
  2. I placed 6 in a row playing Gomoku and I didn't win?
    One of the rules of Gomoku is that you have to get exactly 5 in a row. This is not the rule for other 5-in-a-row games (Pente and variations) however.
  3. My opponent gets 5 in a row, can I capture to stop him/her?
    No, once your opponent gets five in a row, the game is over and you can't make any additional moves. Note however that in Boat-Pente you are allowed to capture to stop a 5 in a row.
  4. I place a stone that allows me to capture my opponent's stones. Can I decide to leave his/her stones there?
    No, captured stones must be removed from the board.