1. All players signed up for a tournament will be seeded by their rating.
  2. For round 1, if there are an odd number of players, the highest seed will get a bye.
  3. For round 1, all players are placed in Bracket 1. Matches are assigned the same as in a single-elimination tournament, by placing the #1 seed vs. #last seed, then #2 seed vs. #2nd-to-last seed, etc.
  4. Players play one game as white, one game as black (a set). If the players tie, another set is played, this continues until one player wins a set.
  5. In the second round, the winners remain in Bracket 1, the losers move to Bracket 2. Then for each bracket individually, the process of assigning a bye to a player if necessary, and then assigning matches based on seeds is followed. If however, 2 players are assigned a match but have already played earlier in the tournament, will try to find another pairing that haven't played yet, but that is still close to the system of pairing by seeds.
  6. After the second round, the winners in each bracket remain in the same bracket, the losers of Bracket 1 move down to Bracket 2, and the losers of Bracket 2 are out of the tournament.
  7. Eventually there will be only one undefeated player in Bracket 1, when that happens, the two Brackets are combined for the rest of the tournament.
  8. Play continues until only one player is left without getting two losses, that player is the winner of the tournament. Note that if the undefeated player from Bracket 1 loses at this point, he/she is still in the tournament. So it is possible that the last two rounds have the same two players. For example, in the first of the two, player 1 has zero losses, then player 2 wins, then player 1 and 2 both have 1 loss so neither is eliminated and neither is the winner yet either.