1. All players signed up for a tournament will be seeded by their rating.
  2. If there are an odd number of players in a round, the highest seed will get a bye. If that player already received a bye in an earlier round, the bye will go to the next highest seed who hasn't already received a bye in an earlier round.
  3. Then, exluding the bye player, players will be assigned matches by placing the #1 seed vs. #last seed, then #2 seed vs. #2nd-to-last seed, and so on.
  4. Players play one game as white, one game as black (a set). If one player wins both games, that player advances to the next round. If the players tie, another set is played, this continues until one player wins a set.
  5. The final round will have 2 players, whoever wins that match is the winner of the tournament!